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Smart Car Electronics Kit

Smart Car Electronics Kit

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This is a fantastic Electronics STEM project to introduce you to the world of electronics and sensors and how they can be used to power smart devices.

A red light source (LED) illuminates a path drawn on a white sheet which provides feedback for the vehicle's photo-resistor. By analyzing the changing resistance of the photo-resistor, the vehicle intelligently determines whether it is traveling on the white area or the black path. In the event of a detection of the white area, the car swiftly adjusts its direction through independent control of its two DC motors to bring it back to the black path. This ensures that the vehicle remains on course, even driving in the opposite direction when necessary, and guaranteeing that it consistently follows the designated black path.

Check out the "Scientific principles illustrated" section below to find out what you can learn and which skills you can develop with this kit.

Further product information

Kit contains all components required to construct the Smart car including the PCB, motors, capacitors, resistors, LEDs, photoresistors, transistors, battery compartment, and all gears and mechanical components. Refer to image gallery for snapshot of what is included.

Finished car is approx. 11 cm long by 7 cm wide and 6 cm high. It is powered by 2 x 1.5V AA batteries (3V)

Age: 10+

Young children require adult supervision when soldering
Note: requires a soldering iron and 2 x AA batteries (not included)

Scientific principles illustrated

This kit is an engaging way to grasp STEM concepts while having fun building and experimenting with technology. With this smart car Electronics STEM kit, you'll learn hands-on about electronics and sensors while also developing electronics skills.

Electronics Fundamentals

Understand basic electronics components, such as resistors, photoresistors, and LEDs, laying the foundation for more advanced concepts.

Sensor Technology

Explore the functionality of a photoresistor as a sensor, learning how it reacts to variations in light intensity and translates these changes into electrical signals.

Feedback Mechanisms

Comprehend the concept of feedback loops as the car adjusts its direction based on the feedback from the photoresistor, demonstrating a fundamental principle in control systems.

Circuit Design

Gain hands-on experience in designing circuits for practical applications, integrating components to achieve a specific outcome, and troubleshooting potential issues.

Motor Control

Learn about DC motor control as the car independently manages its two motors to adapt its direction, providing insights into the principles of robotic movement and autonomy.

Light Detection

Investigate how the car uses a red LED to illuminate a path and how the photoresistor detects changes in light conditions, demonstrating the application of light detection technology.


Encounter challenges during assembly and operation, promoting problem-solving skills as you troubleshoot and refine the smart car's performance.

STEM Integration

Recognize the interdisciplinary nature of STEM by combining principles from science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to create a functional and autonomous smart car.

Soldering Techniques

Gain practical experience in soldering, a fundamental skill in electronics. This process involves melting solder to make secure electrical connections. Soldering skills are essential for all electronics projects.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ronnie Corbally
Works great

High quality components, supplied in a bag with basic enough instructions. Put it together in around 2 hours. Almost seems like it's alive the way it moves around the track. I'm loving these electronics kits, will be ordering more.

Glad you're enjoying them, Ronnie. We're building out our electronics collection every week; keep an eye on your emails for updates! Thanks

Maia Kessler
Happy child

Built it, it works. My child is satisfied.

Sigmund Luettgen
Love it

My son loved it, with a good movie to boot

Jammie Tillman
Good quality product

Untested yet, but I'm sure it will be ok.