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FM Radio Assembly Kit

FM Radio Assembly Kit

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Embark on an electrifying journey into the world of electronics with this FM Radio Building Kit. Unleash your inner engineer as you assemble and tune your very own FM radio from scratch. This hands-on STEM kit not only provides an engaging building experience but also deepens your understanding of electronic components and radio frequency principles. Tune in to the joy of learning and the thrill of building as you craft a functional FM radio that brings the airwaves to life. This kit sparks curiosity, fosters STEM skills, and delivers the satisfaction of a radio you've built yourself. Ignite your passion for electronics—get your FM Radio Building Kit today!

Note: this is an advanced level project and requires skill in soldering and the ability to follow basic electronic circuit diagrams. Assembly requires a soldering iron, sold separately: Link to Soldering iron product page.

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Product features:

  • Includes a digital tube display.
  • RDA5807 radio module.
  • TDA2822 power amplifier integrated circuit.
  • Simple circuit, great sound quality.
  • Dual power supply: 5V mobile phone charger power supply or 2 x dry batteries (not included).
From age: 12+

Scientific principles illustrated

This hands-on experience provides a tangible understanding of electronic components, sparking insights into how radios capture and amplify signals. Ideal for beginners, this kit fosters STEM skills, teaching the fundamentals of technology in an engaging way. Gain practical knowledge as you explore the interplay of components and witness the magic of turning a collection of parts into a working radio. With each connection, discover the science behind the airwaves and amplify your appreciation for the science of electronics. Assembling this radio helps to develop the significant skills required for the creation of complex devices from simpler components; skills that are applicable to many STEM fields.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Sean McManus
Great project

If you're looking for a decent functional electronics project, look no further... this radio is excellent, it has an amazing reception, and the product has a good solid quality feel to it. Love the clear acrylic case that lets you see all the electronic components inside. Make sure you have soldering paste cos you'll need it with some of the component connections being pretty close together, especially for the IC sockets.

Thanks for your custom and review Sean, glad you liked the kit. We also sell flux paste on our site; see the following link:

Donald Fairbanks
A very nice electronics project

Thoroughly enjoyed making this up... some of the smaller components are a challenge to solder, but with a bit of focus you'll get them all connected properly. Great features and very good reception on it, best FM radio I have ever put together by a long way, and I've done loads of them.

Mallie Lubowitz
Yet to build it

Didn't solder it yet, but contents looks solid, everything arrived as described.

Godfrey Skiles
Good electronics kit for beginners

Good kit - works well and good fun to build. I had an issue with the board with the crystal as it was slightly off alignment with the main pcb but a good big bit of solder and it is working perfect. There isn't memory so it's awkward to tune as it defaults to 87Mhz every time it's switched on and then the tuning is 100khz steps per button press. But it's a simple kit and if you are comfortable with basic soldering then it's good.

Zachary Schowalter

Great radio for beginners 🙂 thank you!