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LED Patch Matrix - 64 SMD LED's

LED Patch Matrix - 64 SMD LED's

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This Electronics STEM kit includes all components required to assemble an LED display unit, featuring 64 x 0805 surface mount device (SMD) red chip LEDs. Refer to the "More product information" drop-down below for the full list of components. The completed unit can display characters on the 64 LED matrix.

This is a beginner to intermediate level electronics project which involves soldering SMD's in close proximity to one another. This challenge will teach budding electronics engineers some of the skills needed for basic repairs of mobile devices, such as replacement of charging ports.

Ultimate Guide to Electronics

Video: how to get started with Electronics

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Kit components

  • 1 x Electrolytic capacitor, 220 µF / 10 V
  • 4 x SMD 0603 capacitor, 0.1 µF
  • 64 x SMD 0805 Red LED, N/A
  • 9 x SMD resistor, 6.2 kOhm
  • 8 x SMD S8550 transistor, SOT-23
  • 1 x DX156, SOP-8
  • 2 x 74HC595, SOP-16
  • 1 x Printed circuit board (PCB), 60 mm x 49 mm

Age: 10+

Young children require adult supervision when soldering
Note: requires a soldering iron (not included) and finished project requires a 5V power supply (not included)

Scientific principles illustrated

Explore the world of electronics with the LED Patch Matrix Electronics STEM kit. Delve into key scientific principles including:

Circuitry and Electricity

Understand the flow of electricity and the role of electronic components.

See how the CPU is used to program LEDs to showcase visual outputs.

Learn the significance of capacitors in smoothing voltage fluctuations and providing timing functions.

Gain insights into resistors for current control, protecting sensitive components like low-voltage LEDs.

Soldering Techniques

Develop surface mounted device (SMD) soldering skills, which are crucial for electronics repair and prototyping.

Lay the foundation for advanced electronics projects.

Central Processing Units

Examine an integrated CPU's role in processing signals and controlling visual outputs.

Understand how the CPU sequences LED lighting and influences color emission.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for SMD's

Work with an SMD PCB to gain insights into design intricacies.

Explore how PCB channels are arranged to create compact devices that have minimal interference.

Practical Problem Solving

Enhance your problem-solving skills by troubleshooting and resolving circuit issues.

Foster a practical approach to real challenges in electronics, enhancing engineering capabilities.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mike Howard
Amazing value

Got so much SMD soldering practise with this electronics kit for such a low price. I feel ready now to move onto more advanced electronics projects! Going to attempt a gaming console repair this weekend.

Philip Jannsen
Great kit

Took a while to arrive but I was happy once I received it. Great practice for soldering surface mounted devices. Quality components. Highly recommended.

Shayne Andrews
Great SMD soldering practise

With 64 SMD LED's only millimeters apart from one another, this kit gives you great practise at soldering surface mount devices... after soldering 64 times, you're bound to fine tune your skills and abilities to solder SMD's. This kit is primarily for enhancing SMD soldering skills, but the finished device can serve as a nice bright trophy to attest to your SMD soldering prowess. Can be soldered with a heat gun or a fine-tipped soldering iron.

Chandler Cormier

Well packed. Good quality PCB. Correct parts are in the bag.
(Only the assembly work remains ... :-)