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Photosensitive Robot Kit

Photosensitive Robot Kit

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Looking for an electronics kit to build a simple robot? Create a robot that senses and moves towards light with this cool STEM electronics kit! Ideal for beginners, a great introduction to electronics / robotics.

The Photosensitive Robot kit is a fantastic blend of technology and creativity! Watch in awe as this tiny marvel comes to life as it responds to light via it's two front-mounted photoresistors. The robot will move towards the light source and follow it around, just like a firefly. Simple in design, yet truly fascinating, this DIY STEM electronics project is perfect for those who wish to gain insights into simple robotics. It also provides skills and knowledge that will help you to move onto more advanced robotics projects. Watch the video in the image gallery to learn more.

Crafted with a simple printed circuit board (PCB) and designed with through-hole electronics components (which are easy to solder), the Photosensitive Firefly Robot provides an engaging experience for beginner to intermediate level electronics/robotics enthusiasts. Simulate the enchanting glow of fireflies with the simulated Firefly feature (blue LED tail light), adding a touch of magic to your creation.

Ultimate Guide to Electronics

Video: how to get started with Electronics

Further product information

Kit includes the PCB and all electronic components required to complete the robot. Finished robot size is 40 mm around x 43 mm high.


Age: 10+

Young children require adult supervision when soldering
Note: requires a soldering iron and CR2032 batteries (not included)

You can buy a soldering iron here: Soldering iron product page

Scientific principles illustrated

The Photosensitive Robot kit offers valuable learning opportunities

Basic Electronics

Understand circuitry with a simple PCB and through-hole components. Learn about how components can be positioned neatly together on a PCB without the need for loads of wires to connect them. Learn about the function of some basic electronics components such as resistors, transistors and photoresistors.

Soldering Skills

Develop proficiency in soldering techniques for electronic components. These skills are pre-requisite for any aspiring electronics engineer. While through-hole component soldering is less common for today's advanced miniature electronics devices, it is still essential for those wishing to prototype their own electronics ideas or who wish to repair electronics devices.

Sensor Technology

Explore the functionality of photoresistors in responding to light. Learn how electronic sensors such as photoresistors can be used to provide input into a circuit to produce a desired output or action.

Robotics Basics

Gain insights into simple robotic movements and autonomic behaviors.

STEM Concepts

Learn fundamental concepts in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

DIY Experience

Enhance problem-solving skills and creativity through hands-on construction. Get that amazing feeling of accomplishment when you complete the project and see it come to life when you power it up.

Gateway to Advanced Projects

This project helps you to acquire skills and knowledge providing a foundation for more complex robotics and electronics projects.

This kit is a stepping stone for enthusiasts to delve into the exciting world of electronics and robotics.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Donald Fairbanks
Super cool

Only took my 14 year old son about an hour to assemble this and it works great. If you're looking for a good starter electronics kit, I highly recommend this one. You can angle the two photoresistors in different ways to change the way the robot reacts to light. Great fun to play with.

Ronnie Corbally

Great soldering project, not too difficult to assemble. It's amazing what you can do with so few basic electronics components. This little robot almost seems intelligent the way it 'sees' and moves towards a light source. Loving these STEM Electronics kits!

Karl Wisoky
Cool simple robot

Excellent, except that the cables are thin, which makes it very easy to break them. Everything else, 10/10. Arrived sooner than expected.

Kelli Kassulke
Very pleased

Great STEM Electronics Robot Kit

Trey Beer
Easy to make

Nice kit. Relatively easy to complete, but worth the effort. Very ingenious.