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Weather Station Electronics kit

Weather Station Electronics kit

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This WiFi-enabled Weather Station STEM Kit is the perfect blend of functionality and DIY Electronics excitement. It has everything you need to assemble your very own digital weather station equipped with a range of features that make it an indispensable addition to your daily life. It's an excellent electronics project for intermediate to advanced level electronics enthusiasts looking for a challenge. The kit includes advanced electronics components such as an HD OLED screen, a WiFi module, and a printed circuit board (PCB).

The finished device makes a great office or desktop feature which connects to your WiFi and displays up-to-date information on its HD OLED screen including the time, date, current weather, and 3 day weather forecast for any location in the world where data is available online.

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Further product information

Kit contents

  • 10 µF capacitor (x2)
  • 4-pin blue OLED display module
  • Horizontal button
  • ESP-015 WiFi module - 802.11 bgn
  • Micro-USB power slot and cable
  • AMS1117 voltage regulator chip
  • PCB and connectors
  • Clear acrylic case
  • Assembly fixtures


Key Features

Versatile Display: seamlessly switch between three interfaces showcasing real-time information such as time, temperature, humidity, date, day of the week, and weather forecasts. Stay informed at a glance!

High-Definition OLED Display: enjoy a bright and clear viewing experience with the equipped OLED high-definition display screen. The crisp blue font ensures readability, making the information easily accessible.

WiFi Connectivity: stay up-to-date with the world of weather using the WiFi timing module. Support for 2.4G WIFI networking ensures real-time updates, keeping you in the know.

User-Friendly Setup: the inclusion of a setup button allows you to connect to WiFi anytime and anywhere, facilitating hassle-free city location setting. Enjoy the convenience of customization at your fingertips.

Charming Design: embrace the combination of functionality and aesthetics. The clear casing allows you to admire the internal components that make it work while the clock's lovely shape, mini size, and lightweight build make it perfect for DIY electronics assembly enthusiasts. Take your passion for assembly on the go!

Age: 10+

Young children require adult supervision when soldering
Note: requires a soldering iron (not included). You can purchase one here: Soldering iron product page

Scientific principles illustrated

This WiFi-enabled Weather Station STEM Electronics Kit provides a hands-on learning experience in several scientific and technical areas. Here are some of the skills and knowledge that can be gained from assembling and working with this kit...

Electronics Assembly

The kit involves the assembly of various electronic components, including printed circuit boards (PCBs), a display module, a voltage regulator chip, capacitors, a flick switch, and an ESP8266 WiFi module. Some of these components are a step above the more basic electronic components, such as resistors and transistors. These help to broaden perspectives on the range of components that are available to the electronic engineer. The inclusion of pre-built modules, such as the WiFi module, increases awareness that many electronics functions can be built into a device quickly with readily-available mini-circuits. This knowledge can assist aspiring electronic device inventors in expanding their ideas, encouraging them to think about how this myriad of components can be pieced together to achieve a desired effect.

Soldering Skills

Develop intricate soldering skills, which are crucial for electronics repair and prototyping your own electronics inventions or creations. This kit includes through-hole components and integrated circuits (IC's) which lay the foundation for moving onto more advanced electronics projects. It also requires some surface mount device (SMD) soldering, which adds to the challenge.

Circuit Design and Understanding

Working with multiple PCBs and integrated circuits provides an opportunity to understand circuit design and how different components interact to create a functional device. Users will get to see how a vast amount of electronics technology can be condensed into miniature components that are smaller than a fingernail.

IoT (Internet of Things)

The ESP-015 WiFi module and the ability to connect to the internet make this kit a practical introduction to basic Internet of Things (IoT) concepts. Users will learn how to configure the device to fetch and display real-time weather data from the internet.

Troubleshooting and Problem-Solving

Assembling and programming the weather station may involve overcoming challenges, fostering troubleshooting and problem-solving skills. Diagnosing circuit problems is one of the core skills of an electronics enthusiast. It can be extremely satisfying for an aspiring electronic engineer when they identify and resolve an issue that is preventing a device from functioning properly.

Data Display and User Interface Design

Designing and switching between different interfaces on the OLED display involves understanding user interface design principles and programming the display to showcase relevant information.

WiFi Networking Concepts

The inclusion of the WiFi module introduces users to basic concepts of WiFi networking, including connectivity setup and real-time data updates.

Aesthetics and Design

The clear acrylic case and the design considerations in making the device visually appealing introduce concepts related to aesthetics and design in electronics.

Overall, this STEM electronics kit provides a comprehensive learning and skills-development experience, touching on various STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) disciplines and facilitating the development of a deeper understanding of electronics concepts.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kit Météo

Kit fonctionnel - Rien à signaler facile de montage et facile à programmer avec un IPhone
Suggestion : intégrer un capteur température et humidité local avec affichage local

Thanks again Philippe for your review and for your suggestions for improvements - we'll definitely share these suggestions with our developer team, as I agree, measurement of local temperature and humidity through additional sensors would be a fantasitic upgrade to this kit. We recently updated the instructions for this product which you might find useful - there is a bit more information and guidance on configuration for other cities, although it sounds that you have figured it out quite well by yourself. Best reagards!

Mike Howard
Good introduction to IoT

Nice introduction to Internet of Things (IoT) which is important if you're looking to create electronic devices that use bluetooth, WiFi, or other connectivity modes. Finished device looks cool and serves a useful function.

Philip Jannsen
Good kit

Very nice kit, since a lot of the components are pre-assembled modules, the soldering part of making it up takes less than an hour. Little bit tricky to set your location, but you only have to set it once, then it auto-locates after that. Forecast pretty much matches what you see on and other weather sites.

Deborah O'Regan
Nifty kit

My son who is 11 was able to assemble this with a little help from his dad. He really enjoyed it and it works great - he keeps it beside his bed now so he can see what the weather is going to be like next day... roll on the summer.

Stewart McGlynn

Pretty Little weather station to build yourself. All the parts are there, everything is well explained and given assembly plan with it. Works great too!