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Water Purification STEM kit

Water Purification STEM kit

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Make a splash into the world of science with this Water Purification STEM Kit! Dive in and explore the secrets of clean water through exciting experiments. This kit makes learning about water purification a breeze. From simple filtration to discovering the magic of purification, it's a hands-on journey that's as refreshing as it is educational. Get ready to be a water superhero—because every drop counts!

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Kit contents

  • Filter paper x 6
  • Sponge x 2
  • Granite pebbles
  • Porcelain sand
  • Activated carbon
  • Quartz sand
  • Saleratus (sodium bicarbonate)
  • Potassium alum (potash)
  • Instructions

The column can be stored for repeated uses once set up.

From age: 4+

Scientific principles illustrated

Wonderful learning opportunities

With this STEM Kit, young scientists will gain valuable insights into the principles of water purification and environmental science. Here's a sneak peek at some key learnings:

Filtration Techniques

Explore the basic concepts of filtration as kids experiment with different materials to separate impurities from water.

Environmental Awareness

Understand the importance of clean water for ecosystems and human communities, fostering a sense of environmental responsibility.

Problem-Solving Skills

Encourage critical thinking by challenging kids to troubleshoot and optimize their water purification methods.

Hands-On Exploration

Foster a love for hands-on experimentation, encouraging curiosity and a lifelong passion for scientific discovery.

Educate your kids about the importance of water conservation and purification with this STEM kit; the worlds future water security depends on today's budding scientists! Check out our blog post to learn more about The Crucial Role of STEM Education.

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Customer Reviews

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Ophelia Pollich
Great learning toy

Water Purification is fun

Rogers Harvey
Kids had great fun

Water Purification STEM kit works great