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Stomp Rocket Launcher

Stomp Rocket Launcher

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Blast off into a world of fun and excitement with this Kids Stomp Rocket Toy! Watch as your child's imagination takes flight with this thrilling and interactive outdoor play experience; fun in the fresh air for your kids!

Simple, yet exhilarating – the Stomp Rocket is powered by pure kid energy. No batteries, no plugs – just the power of stomping. Step on the launch pad, give it a good stomp, and witness the rocket soar into the sky, reaching for new heights with every jump!

Rockets are made from soft but durable foam to ensure safe playtime.

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Outdoor fun:

Designed for aspiring young astronauts, this toy not only provides hours of entertainment but also promotes physical activity and outdoor play. Perfect for play-dates, picnics, or just a sunny day in the backyard, the Stomp Rocket is a breath of fresh air for active, adventurous kids.

The set includes easy-to-assemble rockets and a sturdy launch pad, ensuring quick setup for instant take-offs. With its colorful design and engaging concept, the Stomp Rocket sparks curiosity and encourages kids to explore the wonders of aerodynamics in a hands-on, kid-powered way.

Bring the joy of rocket science to your child's playtime. This Stomp Rocket Kids Toy is not just a toy; it's a launchpad for creativity, active play, and endless outdoor adventures. Get ready for lift-off and let the soaring fun begin!

From age: 4+

Scientific principles illustrated

The Kids Stomp Rocket Launcher toy isn't just play—it's an exciting exploration of physics in action. This interactive device brilliantly demonstrates basic principles of aerodynamics and air pressure. As kids stomp on the launch pad, they harness the power of their energy, propelling the rocket into the air.

This hands-on experience offers immediate insights into rocket propulsion, forces in action, motion, ballistics, pressure, air friction, and trajectory, making physics engaging and accessible. Young learners not only witness cause and effect but also intuitively grasp concepts like projectile motion and energy transfer.

The Stomp Rocket becomes a fun-filled lesson in scientific principles, encouraging curiosity about the laws that govern motion. Beyond the joy of launching rockets, kids gain a foundational understanding of physics, transforming playtime into an educational adventure that inspires a lifelong interest in science.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Dayna Ritchie
Great fun

Very entertaining I loved

Einar Reynolds
Good toy

Good toy

Murl Hodkiewicz
Value for money

loads of fun for the $. works well

Gage Kohler
Good toy

Dart thrower toy, very entertaining and happy to have it, very good quality, beautiful and well finished

Rocio Lesch
Satisfied kids

an amazing toy. kids are super happy with it.