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Spine and Pelvis Model (44 cm)

Spine and Pelvis Model (44 cm)

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Introducing the Spine and Pelvis Anatomical Model – a dynamic duo that unveils the mysteries of the human core. Crafted with precision and anatomical accuracy, this model is an essential educational tool for medical professionals, teachers, students, and enthusiasts eager to explore the intricacies of the pelvic and spinal regions.

Whether you're studying anatomy, preparing for a medical examination, or educating patients, this model is a comprehensive tool that brings theory to life. Perfect for medical classrooms, chiropractic offices, and healthcare facilities, invest in the future of education with this Spine and Pelvis Anatomical Model – where precision meets pedagogy.

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Delve into the details of the vertebral column, from the cervical to the sacral segments, seamlessly integrated with the pelvic girdle. Each vertebra is meticulously recreated to showcase the natural curvature and articulation, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of spinal alignment and movement.

The pelvic region is equally detailed, featuring the hip bones, sacrum, and coccyx in a true-to-life representation. Highlighting the pelvic inlet and outlet, this model provides insight into obstetric and gynecological considerations, making it invaluable for a range of medical disciplines.

Constructed from high-quality materials, this Spine and Pelvis Anatomical Model ensures durability for repeated use in educational settings. Its articulating design allows for a dynamic exploration of pelvic and spinal movements, facilitating a hands-on learning experience that goes beyond traditional textbooks.

Not recommended for young children

Scientific principles illustrated

The Spine and Pelvis Anatomical Model is a profound educational tool, unraveling the intricate science of human anatomy. This detailed replica meticulously illustrates the structural complexities of the spine and pelvis, offering insights into skeletal mechanics, vertebral alignment, and the interplay of bones in the human body.

Users gain a profound understanding of spinal curvature, its role in protecting the spinal chord, the function of intervertebral discs, and the connectivity between the spine and pelvis in maintaining stability and mobility.

This hands-on experience fosters knowledge of biomechanics, facilitating a deeper comprehension of posture, movement, and the physiological intricacies that underlie our daily activities. Whether for medical students delving into orthopedics or individuals curious about the marvels of the human body, the Spine and Pelvis Anatomical Model transforms learning into a tangible exploration, promoting a lasting appreciation for the structural elegance that supports our physical existence.

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Jabari Luettgen

I'm very satisfied

Lonzo Bayer

Spine and Pelvis Anatomical Model (44 cm)

Roosevelt Grant
Lacks detail

It is not detailed enough.

Maureen Hyatt

Very good, good quality

Reinhold Adams
Ideal for teaching

Very good quality, good teaching tool for people learning about the spine.