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Soldering/welding flux

Soldering/welding flux

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Flux an essential material for optimal soldering in your STEM electronics projects. It facilitates the formation of reliable and durable electrical connections. Flux also serves as a cleaning and deoxidizing agent removing contaminants from metals which ensures a clean surface for solder to bond to. It also protects connections by preventing oxides from reforming. It promotes efficient heat transfer, improves joint integrity, and reduces the overall risk of poor connections.

This product contains 50 g of Professional solder/welding flux with a melting point of 183 ºC. It exhibits a low surface tension which allows the solder to flow smoothly around connections when heated. This paste is suitable for both through-hole components and for precision soldering electronic chips and SMD's onto printed circuit boards (PCB's).

This high-quality soldering paste ensures a strong bond, has neutral pH which makes it nonreactive to metallic connections and ensures smooth welded surfaces.

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Key Features

Oxide Film Elimination: Rosin undergoes a reduction reaction, effectively removing oxide films.

Oxidation Prevention: Forms an isolation layer, preventing oxidation during welding.

Surface Tension Reduction: Improves soldering fluidity for seamless wet weldments.

Product Specifications

Weight: 50g/container

Composition: Rosin

Paste Color: Yellow

Shelf Life: 12 months (protected from direct sunlight)

Application: Ideal for Chip PCB motherboard soldering.

Scientific principles illustrated

Using soldering flux enhances knowledge and awareness of several scientific principles, including:

The potential for oxides to form on metal surfaces during soldering and how flux can act as a barrier between fresh welds and oxygen in the air, preventing re-oxidation of the freshly welded metal.

How surface tension plays a part in fluid motion and distribution of liquids which facilitates the positioning of tiny components.

How the material can provide efficient heat transfer due to its thermal conductivity properties.

How flux can remove contaminants and residues from metal surfaces.

How flux plays a role in metallurgical processes, influencing the micro-structure and properties of the solder joint.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Edward Costello
Good material

Fantastic value for the price, this tub will last me for months. Makes soldering a breeze. Flux core solder isn't always the best option, sometimes you need a bit more control and this paste does the job perfectly. Great surface tension properties, pulls all the solder together into a neat little blob, making it very easy to work with.

Vidal Durgan
All ok

All ok, packing, delivery time as described in the advertisement.

Serena Ebert

Thank you.

Dawson Braun
Yet to try it

Seems fine, not yet tried it.

Ismael Jerde
Will test it later

Not yet tested but as it is at the product listing