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Rock Tumbler/Polisher Kit

Rock Tumbler/Polisher Kit

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Have you ever marveled at how smooth and uniformly shaped the stones at the seaside are? Now you can create this beauty of mirror-smooth stones with this Electric Rock Tumbler. Transform rough rocks into polished gems with ease. Perfect for rock enthusiasts or budding geologists, this rock tumbler showcases the art of abrasion, revealing the geological wonders hidden within the natural stones found on Earth. Beautifully polished stones can be used simply for display or for artistic pursuits, such as creating bespoke jewelry.

Witness the effect of grit, water, and time, as you create stunning, smooth stones. Whether for educational purposes or crafting, this electric tumbler is your gateway to unlocking the secrets of geological transformation. Elevate your rock collection and craftsmanship with the power of precision tumbling. Unearth the beauty beneath the surface—start your rock tumbling journey today!

Find out more about rock tumbling and see pictures of some beautifully polished stones on our Blog post - click here to read.

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  • Built with a durable motor that is engineered to last.
  • The leak-proof rubber barrel reduces noise, making it 75% quieter than other plastic models.
  • Contains everything you need to make polished gemstones, including 4 grinding grates, real rough stones and a detailed full color study guide.
  • Simple instructions and one-touch settings make grinding gems easy and fun.
  • The tumbler has stable structure, providing excellent performance and long service life.
From age: 8+

Scientific principles illustrated

Users gain insights into geology, mineralogy, and the impact of variables like grit size and tumbling duration. Ideal for educational exploration, this hands-on experience deepens understanding of geological processes, igniting curiosity about Earth's composition. From classrooms to hobbyists, the Electric Rock Tumbler is a gateway to the captivating world of rock science, offering a tangible lesson in the transformative forces shaping our planet's treasures.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Shayne Andrews
Amazing what you can find in a plain stone

Polishes stones to a mirror finish... stones that look opaque turn out to be opalescent or even transparent once they are polished up. My pockets are full from picking up interesting-looking stones every day to bring home and polish up.

Sean McManus
Bit loud, but I have hard louder

I bought this after seeing the stones my pal polishes with his. I have stones in it for 3 days now, and already they are looking really smooth... will continue polishing til they are smooth and shiny and then add up a photo. It is a bit loud (not as loud as my pals), so you'll need to find somewhere to operate it where it won't disturb you while watching TV or sleeping... mine is in the garage, which is separate rather than part of the house, so it's ideal. If you don't have somewhere like that, you might want a soundproof box to put it in.

Doris Jast
Didn't try it yet

Nice didn’t try

Eldon Gleichner
Works fine

Fast delivery. Everything as shown on pictures and as described. Works Fine and easy to use. Thank you very much.

Colt Heidenreich