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Prepared Microscope Slides

Prepared Microscope Slides

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Uncover the microscopic marvels of the unseen world with this prepared microscope slide box set. This collection, which includes 35 prepared slides in a sturdy box, opens a portal to the microscopic world. Ideal for students, educators, or anyone fascinated by the unseen, each slide offers a detailed glimpse into the intricate beauty of nature. Elevate your scientific journey with this comprehensive set, where knowledge comes to life under the lens.

Note: a microscope is required to properly view these slides. Check out some of our available microscopes below.

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  • 7 types of slides, including cells, vegetables, tissues, insect wings, plant stems, insect legs and tiny pond creatures.
  • Fine quality optical glass which is clear and transparent for optimal viewing.
  • The edges of slides are rounded and smooth to prevent cuts making them safe for children to handle.


  • Slide dimensions: 7.6 X 2.5 x 0.1 cm
  • Slide quantity: 35 pieces in 7 cases
  • Material: glass
From age: 8+ / Adult supervision required for children younger than 8.

Scientific principles illustrated

Each of the 35 carefully prepared slides unveils a microscopic realm, showcasing diverse biological specimens. By studying these slides, students gain firsthand insight into basic cellular morphology, and the fascinating world of unseen life. Ideal for both beginners and advanced learners, this set provides a visual journey into the natural microcosm, enhancing scientific literacy and inspiring a lifelong appreciation for the intricacies of nature. Using these slides will also provide valuable experience of the use of a microscope enabling users to practice navigating structures on the slides and determining the most appropriate light setting and magnification level required for best viewing.

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Ibrahim Zboncak
Well presented

Very nice packaging very fast transportation👍Thanks😊

Katarina Reinger
Great quality

Looks very professional. Arrived in a high quality with magnetic closure. Product excellent

Cathryn Mayer
Very happy with these

Looks good, the delivery people understood the box.