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Periodic Table with Real Elements

Periodic Table with Real Elements

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Elevate your understanding of the building blocks of the universe with this Periodic Table Display containing real Elements in crystal-clear acrylic — an elegant showcase of the elements that compose the fabric of our world. Perfect for students, teachers, scientists, and enthusiasts, this display brings the beauty of chemistry to life in a visually stunning and educational format.

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Crafted with clarity and durability in mind, the acrylic display offers a transparent view into the elemental world. Each element is meticulously arranged, allowing you to appreciate the patterns, trends, and relationships that define the periodic table. Each element is accompanied with its symbol, molecular mass, molecular weight, and other pertinent information making it an excellent reference item.

Whether you're a seasoned chemist or just beginning your exploration of the elements, this Periodic Table Elements Display provides a captivating and immersive experience.

The sleek design allows for easy placement on desks, shelves, or walls, turning any space into a celebration of scientific discovery, meaning it also doubles up as a beautiful decorative item and conversation piece.

Note: radioactive element specimens are not included for safety reasons.

Scientific principles illustrated

This Periodic Table with Real Element specimens encased in clear acrylic is a captivating journey into the building blocks of the universe. This unique display bridges the gap between theory and reality, allowing users to visually explore the tangible forms of each element. The clear acrylic preserves and magnifies the essence of real elements, showcasing their diverse properties. Having detailed information about each element at your fingertips enhances the learning experience, offering a comprehensive understanding of their properties, uses, and significance.

Users gain insights into the periodicity of elements, their atomic structures, and the correlations between properties and positions on the table. Beyond theoretical knowledge, this interactive display sparks curiosity about the origins and applications of elements in everyday life. From the lustrous sheen of metals to the inert beauty of noble gases, the Periodic Table with real specimens transforms abstract concepts into a hands-on educational experience, fostering a profound appreciation for chemistry and the elemental wonders that shape our world.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Tom Wunsch

As described. Well packed. Fast delivery.

Tyree Maggio
Nice thing, smaller than I expected though

Very carefully done. Really, it's too small, in the picture it visually seems more.

Melissa Mohr
Plaque is good but...

The pedestal is not much

Ken Erdman
Perfect, as described

The periodic table is wonderful, came very well packed and is faithful to the description of the product.

Barry Fay

Very nice - would recommend.