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My Discovery Telescope

My Discovery Telescope

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Have you ever seen a close-up photograph of the Moon, with its fascinating cratered landscape? With this telescope, you can investigate the moon’s surface or simply watch the birds at the bird feeder in the backyard! This telescope also lets you see squirrels, deer, and other wild animals up close, but viewed from a distance so they don't get scared away. And, it’s perfect for pretending to be a pirate sailing the seven seas! This 12x magnification power telescope with durable body and quality optics can be used for terrestrial (land) observations as well as astronomical (night sky) observations.

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Easy to use:

Unlike larger refractor or reflector telescope which both require a lot of practice to obtain optimal viewing, this compact refractor (often called a 'spy-glass') is very easy to operate. Focusing is achieved simply by expanding or shortening the tube with a simple gentle push or pull, just like a pirate standing on the bow of a ship! The compact size allows it to be operated handheld without the need for a tripod or mount.

Ages: 6+

Scientific principles illustrated

This telescope showcases fundamental optical principles. Users witness firsthand the power of lenses and adjustment of focal length to magnify distant objects. Through lunar exploration, observers delve into the geological features of the moon, experiencing celestial mechanics in action. Terrestrial observations, on the other hand, offer insights into nature through bird-watching or studying animals behaviour in their natural habitat.

This simple yet powerful instrument transforms users into amateur astronomers, cultivating a fascination for astronomy, optics, and the broader universe. The basic telescope becomes a gateway to scientific exploration, bridging the gap between Earth and the cosmos, and igniting a lifelong curiosity about the mysteries of the night sky.

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Customer Reviews

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Deirdre Grennan
Clear, sharp images

I expected this would be a bit more powerful, but I suppose the product description says 12 x which looks about right. It comes in handy for hiking and the likes... I use it for spying on foxes, rabbits, birds and so on. It folds up nice and small, so it's easy pop into your pocket or bag - see attached photos. It gives a good view of the moon, you can see lot of craters that you can't see with the naked eye. Good buy, you won't find much better for this price.