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Mobile phone telescope lens (48x)

Mobile phone telescope lens (48x)

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Embrace the beauty of the moon and capture breathtaking nature shots with ease with this 48x magnification lens attachment for use with mobile phones.

Most mobile phones max out at 10x magnification and photo/video quality deteriorates substantially at that zoom level. This lens will greatly improve the quality of zoomed shots that you can achieve on your mobile phone.

Check out the video in the gallery!!

Comes with a mini-tripod for super-steady shots on the go and a stylish carry case.

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Capture the Moon's Majesty:

Unleash your inner astronomer and photograph the moon like never before. This telescope attachment allows you to zoom into moon features, transforming your smartphone into a powerful lunar camera.

Nature Observation Redefined:

Enables you to zoom in on wildlife from a distance and experience the great outdoors in a whole new way.

Powerful Magnification:

Features powerful 48x magnification capabilities, allowing you to zoom in and explore details that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye.

Compact and Portable:

Designed with your on-the-go lifestyle in mind, it is compact and lightweight and comes in a neat, sturdy carry case. Slip it into your backpack and embark on spontaneous adventures without being weighed down.

Universal Compatibility:

Compatible with the vast majority of smartphones, ensuring that you can elevate your photography and observation game regardless of your device.

From age: 12+

Scientific principles illustrated

This innovative device magnifies distant subjects, showcasing principles of optics and focal length extension. Users gain insights into telescopic imaging, witnessing the details of lunar craters or capturing raw wildlife moments while recording the uninterrupted behaviour of animals from a distance. The attachment transforms a smartphone into a powerful tool for amateur astronomers and nature enthusiasts alike, offering a practical lesson in astrophotography and wildlife observation.

Beyond capturing breathtaking moments, this accessory sparks curiosity in astronomy and ecology, inspiring a deeper connection to the celestial realms and the wonders of the natural world. The mobile phone telescope attachment makes scientific exploration accessible to all, turning ordinary observations into extraordinary educational experiences.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Sean McManus
Good gadget

It's a bit difficult to get onto the phone, but once it's on and secured in place, it's absolutely fine. I find that easiest way to get it in place is to use the 0.5 x zoom on your phone (if it has one) when positioning the lens. Then you just need to center the picture in the middle of your phone screen and secure it in place with the clip and screw. Then just zoom back into 1 x and the image fills the screen. The kit includes a small tripod but the lens can be secured onto most tripods if you want to mount it on something bigger.

Donnell Harvey
Good but difficult to use

Difficult to manipulate with iPhone

Edison Haley
Looks good

Complete equipment.
Remains to be tested with the moon

Forrest Donnelly
Great item

Very super, I recommend to everyone... you can see how close you can zoom from the pictures.

Dalton Kunde
Lower magnification than stated

Not 48 x