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Lead-free Solder Wire with Rosin Core

Lead-free Solder Wire with Rosin Core

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Premium Lead-Free Solder Wire – Perfect for Your Precision Soldering Needs

Experience top-tier performance with this Lead-Free Solder Wire. Certified with RoHS compliance, this soldering wire is both environmentally friendly and safe for use in a variety of applications.

Key Features

High-Quality Composition: Composed of 99.7% Tin (Sn) and 0.3% Copper (Cu), which ensures excellent conductivity and reliability.

Effortless Soldering: The 2% Rosin Flux Core simplifies the soldering process, providing smooth and efficient flow for clean and strong joints.

Convenient Weights: Choose from 50g or 100g rolls to match the scale of your projects.

Versatile size: 0.8 mm diameter is considered the optimum size for precision soldering and also for use where larger welds are needed.

Enhanced Performance: The effective rosin flux core actively cleans the surface during soldering, minimizing spatter, smoke, and odor for a relaxed working environment.

Superior Solderability: Enjoy excellent insulation resistance, non-corrosive properties, and consistent, high-quality results with minimal spattering.

Elevate your soldering experience with our premium lead-free solder wire – the perfect blend of quality, safety, and performance!

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Further product information

Versatile Applications

Perfectly suited for use in electrical, electronics, and various other fields, this lead-free solder wire is ideal for both professional technicians and hobbyists. Whether you are working on delicate circuit boards or robust electrical connections, our solder wire delivers exceptional performance every time.

Environmentally Conscious

Our commitment to sustainability means providing you with products that not only excel in functionality but also adhere to environmental safety standards. By choosing this RoHS-certified solder wire, you are making a responsible choice for both your projects and the planet.

Note: stated weights include the roll

Net weight is approx. 43g and 93g for the 50g and 100g roll sizes, respectively.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Joelle Klocko
Ideal solder

Received quite quickly, the quality is there, the percentage of flux is good and makes it possible to perform clean and shiny welds.

Elenora Mosciski
Looks good

Looks good, but I have not tested it yet.

Josiane Bernier

It is very good quality, I finally find a good tin, and also lead free. Goes spectacular, very highly recommended. I bought the 50g coil.

Theron Stark
Nice product

Nice product, nice packing.

Jody Stroman
Very good

Looks good, nice price. Fast delivery. Bit smaller than expected