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Inception Metal Spinning Top

Inception Metal Spinning Top

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Introducing the Inception Metal Spinning Top—a mesmerizing blend of precision engineering and playful innovation! This unique spinning top takes the art of spinning to a whole new dimension by incorporating a steel ball in its base which prolongs the spinning action.

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Small design making it easy to carry in your pocket to be presented at any time to amaze your friends... compete with your friends to see who can make it spin the longest.

Design features:

Crafted with meticulous detail, the Inception spinning top features a gyroscopic design and steel ball bearing in the base that ensures a smooth and sustained spin. The combination of precision engineering with functional elements makes this spinning top a unique and engaging toy.

Ages: 8+

Scientific principles illustrated

A metal inception spinning top transcends mere play, serving as a captivating demonstration of scientific principles and physics in action. The precision engineering and balance of the top showcase fundamental concepts like angular momentum and gyroscopic stability. As it gracefully defies gravity, the top becomes a tangible exploration of rotational motion and equilibrium.

Users, whether kids, adult enthusiasts or students, gain insights into the interplay of forces, witnessing how design influences the top's ability to maintain its spin. This hands-on experience offers an intuitive understanding of physics concepts, making learning dynamic and engaging.

Beyond the fascination of the spinning motion, the metal inception top imparts valuable insights into the principles governing rotational dynamics, making it a mesmerizing tool for both play and scientific exploration.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ronnie Corbally
Lovely top

Nice thing... it's fairly small but it's fairly solid and it's got a decent amount of weight in it. The colours are mesmerizing (I got the rainbow version). The longest I managed to spin it for so far was 2 minutes 53 seconds... my target is 4 minutes! If it was just a little bigger, it would be 5 stars.

Jacobo Peña
Challenge to spin for long time

Spins ok but I have not gotten it over two minutes.

Inés Rendón

As described. Good material.

Luis Miguel de Jesús

Very cute

Andrea Guajardo

Very good