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Human Skeleton Model (45 cm)

Human Skeleton Model (45 cm)

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Introducing the perfect companion for your anatomical exploration—a meticulously crafted 45 cm (1:4 scale) human skeleton! This exquisitely detailed model is designed for both educational purposes and aesthetic appeal, making it an ideal addition to classrooms, medical offices, or even your home. Click below for further information...

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🔍 Educational Excellence:

Explore the intricacies of the human skeletal system with this lifelike replica. Each bone is faithfully modeled to provide a hands-on learning experience, allowing students and enthusiasts alike to study anatomy with precision. Whether you're a medical professional or just have a curious mind, this skeleton is your key to learning about its vital function in the human body.

Aesthetic Elegance:

Beyond its educational value, this skeleton is a true work of art. The high-quality materials and attention to detail ensure a visually stunning and anatomically accurate display piece. Its compact size makes it a versatile addition to any space, adding a touch of sophistication to your decor. Showcase your passion for science and anatomy with a tasteful decorative item that sparks interest and conversation.

Professional Quality:

Constructed from durable materials, this skeleton is built to withstand frequent use in educational settings. Its sturdy base provides stability, allowing for hassle-free study sessions or public displays. Invest in this reliable and professional-grade model that will serve as a valuable tool for years to come.

Unique Gift:

Looking for a distinctive gift for the science enthusiast in your life? This 45 cm human skeleton is a thoughtful and memorable choice. Whether for a student, teacher, or medical professional, it's a unique present that combines education with aesthetic appeal.

Versatile Learning Tool:

Suitable for a variety of settings, from classrooms to home offices, this skeleton adapts to your learning environment. Its compact size makes it easy to handle and store, ensuring that you can delve into the fascinating world of anatomy whenever and wherever you choose.

  • Arms and legs are fully articulated and removable. 
  • The skull is 2 parts.
  • The lower jaw is movable by a spring. 

Scientific principles illustrated

An anatomical model of the human skeleton emerges as an invaluable educational tool, delving into the intricacies of musculoskeletal science. This three-dimensional replica meticulously articulates the bones and joints, providing a tactile exploration of the framework that supports our body's structure.

Users gain comprehensive insights into skeletal anatomy, understanding the functions of bones and joints, their interconnections, and how bones help to protect vital organs. The model not only facilitates learning about movement and posture but also acts as a key to unraveling the evolutionary history of the skeletal system. By examining the nuanced details and structure, learners can discern the adaptive changes that have occurred over evolutionary time, connecting the present form to the broader narrative of human evolution.

Aspiring anatomists, medical students, or anyone intrigued by the marvels of the human body find enrichment in this hands-on experience, deepening their knowledge of skeletal physiology. From the cranium to the phalanges, the anatomical skeleton model transforms learning into a multidimensional journey, fostering a profound appreciation for the intricate science behind our framework of support.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Cyril Hoeger
Good for the price

Arrived in perfect condition. Is articulable as it says in the description, but in some cases, it can only be moved to one side, but is fine for the price.

Lyda Mitchell
Looks great

The skeleton is not bad. You need to fasten your legs, the cogs are small. But it turned out well

Katrina Beer
Better than expected

The shipment arrived fast and it is better than in the photo.

Jaquan Bernhard
Great quality product

Very good product looks good quality

Kaleigh Howell

Very cool 😎