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Human Histology Prepared Slides (50)

Human Histology Prepared Slides (50)

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Discover the intricate beauty of the human body with this box-set of 50 Prepared Human Histology Slides. Unveil the hidden wonders of tissues and organs through high-quality, professionally stained slides that showcase the artistry of biology.

Perfect for students, teachers, professionals and enthusiasts alike, this box-set is a testament to the elegance of the human form at a microscopic level. Elevate your understanding of anatomy and physiology with these professionally curated slides—a collection that celebrates the beauty inherent in the building blocks of life.

Refer to Further Product Information below for list of slides included.

Further product information

Immerse yourself in the stunning details of epithelial, connective, muscular, and nervous tissues. Witness the harmony of structure and function in organs like the heart, liver, kidney, and more. The slides are expertly prepared to provide a clear and comprehensive view under the microscope, making them ideal for educational purposes, research, or simply to satisfy pure fascination.

List of slides:

  • C01 Human Simple columnar epithelium
  • C02 Human Stratified pavement epithelium
  • C03 Human Simple cuboidal epithelium
  • C04 Human blood
  • C05 Human Bone marrow
  • C06 Human Loose connective tissue
  • C07 Human Adipose tissue (special staining)
  • C08 Human Hyaline cartilage
  • C09 Human Fibrous cartilage
  • C10 Human Elastic cartilage
  • C11 Human skin section through sweat gland
  • C12 Human skin section through hair follicle
  • C13 Human Smooth muscle
  • C14 Human Smooth muscle, CS and long section
  • C15 Human Skeletal muscle
  • C16 Human Cardiac muscle (hematine)
  • C17 Human Feeler body
  • C18 Human Cerebrum (silvering)
  • C19 Human Cerebellum (silver staining)
  • C20 Human Heart
  • C21 Human Large artery
  • C22 Human Large vein
  • C23 Human Spleen
  • C24 Human Thymus
  • C25 Human Tonsil
  • C26 Human Thyroid
  • C27 Human Epithelial body
  • C28 Human Adrenal gland
  • C29 Human Tongue
  • C30 Human Esophagus
  • C31 Human Stomach wall
  • C32 Human Small intestine
  • C33 Human Colon
  • C34 Human Appendix
  • C35 Human Salivary gland
  • C36 Human Liver
  • C37 Human Lung
  • C38 Human Kidney
  • C39 Human Trachea
  • C40 Human Kidney with Blood Vessel Injected
  • C41 Human Testis
  • C42 Human Epididymis
  • C43 Human Deferent duct
  • C44 Human Ovaries
  • C45 Human Womb
  • C46 Human Fallopian tube
  • C47 Human Vagina
  • C48 Human Placenta
  • C49 Human Pituitary
  • C50 Human Bone grinding
Adult supervision required if being viewed by children.

Scientific principles illustrated

This box-set of prepared slides serves as a captivating window into the scientific principles governing the human body's microscopic landscape. Each slide meticulously reveals the intricate structures of epithelial, connective, muscular, and nervous tissues, providing a profound understanding of cellular organization.

By studying these professionally stained slides, educators and students gain insight into the dynamic relationships between form and function in organs such as the heart, liver, and kidney. This product facilitates a hands-on exploration of histological concepts, fostering a deeper comprehension of anatomy and physiology. Whether used in classrooms or research settings, this box-set offers a tangible and visual approach to learning, allowing users to witness the marvels of human histology up close and personal.

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Cleora Beatty
Very happy

Arrived intact and right, very well packed and perfect samples, arrived before the scheduled date

Bertram Koss
Great set

Human Histology - 50 Prepared Slides

Nils Hayes
Well packaged

I am left wondering if they are really human but the samples arrived very well

Brennon Bogisich

Everything was right with the product. I observed under the microscope, the slides are correct. Great product and fast delivery.

Jacques Hilpert

Everything is fine. Amazing stuff