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Polished Stones Geology Kit

Polished Stones Geology Kit

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Embark on a geological journey with this box-set of Rocks, Gemstones, Crystals, and minerals — an extraordinary collection that brings the wonders of the Earth's crust into your hands. Perfect for budding geologists, curious minds, or anyone fascinated by the diverse and colorful world beneath our feet.

Whether you're igniting a passion for geology in a young mind or adding to the collection of a seasoned enthusiast, this Box Set is a visual and tactile feast. The specimens are carefully encased, making it a perfect gift or an elegant addition to your own study or display.

Are you fascinated by polished stones? See pictures of some beautifully polished stones on our Blog post about rock tumbling - click here to read.

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What's included?

Kit contains 100 highly-polished specimens in a beautifully presented box, labelled for easy identification, along with a flashlight, tweezers, and magnifying glass.

From age: 8+
Note: product is manufactured in China; stones are labelled with both Chinese and English.

Scientific principles illustrated

The Rock, Gemstone, Crystal & Mineral Geology Kit is a geological odyssey, unraveling the Earth's mysteries and revealing the beauty of its hidden treasures. This kit showcases scientific principles as users explore the diverse compositions and formations of rocks, gems, crystals, and minerals. Hands-on identification and examination illuminate geological concepts like mineral hardness, crystal structures, and the processes that shape the Earth's crust.

Users gain insights into the forces that have shaped our planet over millions of years. The kit not only offers a visual feast but also becomes a catalyst for understanding the intricate interplay of minerals in geological processes. This immersive experience transforms learning into a geological adventure, fostering a profound appreciation for the dynamic forces that have crafted the Earth's breathtaking landscapes and encouraging further interest in the Earth Sciences.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Beulah Thiel

It arrived quickly but the box was slightly damaged.

Jazlyn Bailey
My son is hooked

Set! We could not put the little one to bed, he sat looking. He woke up before everyone else and went again to the stone!

John Beer

Super, very good, real stones 💪

Jasmin Kunze
Great for teaching

Great to teach your kids 👍

Mazie Abshire
Thank you

Impeccable. Merci