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Dinosaur LED night lights

Dinosaur LED night lights

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Light up the imagination in your kid's room or delight any dinosaur enthusiast with these LED Dinosaur light sculptures! These prehistoric pals bring a roar-some touch to any space, adding a playful and comforting glow. Choose from a triceratops, T-Rex, or stegosaurus (or even a mythical dragon) to create a dino-themed haven.

Crafted with vibrant LED lights, these lamps are perfect for bedtime stories, creating a cozy ambiance, or sparking an interest in paleontology. The energy-efficient design ensures a long-lasting glow for countless dino-adventures.

Bring the Jurassic era to life and make every night a dino-tastic experience. These LED Dinosaur Lamps are not just lights; they're companions on a journey through time. Get ready for a bedtime adventure with these delightful and whimsical additions to any room!

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Exact size depends on model, but on average, they are approximately 18 cm x 15 cm. Each unit provides sufficient light for bed-time reading when placed near the bedside. Also adds a nice ambient light to living areas, ideal for watching TV or relaxing while listening to music.

Powered via USB - cable is included. Can be powered by an phone charging adapter plug, a PC USB port, or power-bank.

From age: 8+

Scientific principles illustrated

While the primary purpose of these LED Dinosaur Lamps is to provide a whimsical and visually appealing lighting experience, there are some scientific aspects that can be appreciated:

  1. Material Science: The lamps are constructed of clear acrylic, showcasing the versatility of such man-made materials for creating products. Users can also explore the properties of acrylic, such as its transparency, durability, and ability to capture and diffuse light.
  2. Engraving Technology: The dinosaur engravings demonstrate engraving techniques on acrylic. This can spark interest in laser engraving technology, precision, and the interaction of light with engraved surfaces.
  3. Light Diffusion: The engraved dinosaur patterns capture and diffuse light, providing a hands-on demonstration of light diffusion principles. It's a tangible way for users to observe how light interacts with textured surfaces.
  4. Paleontology and cosmology: the presence of the lamps depicting the dinosaurs, now extinct following a catastrophic cosmic impact on Earth, will likely pique the interest of any child to start asking questions, thereby fostering a keen interest in these STEM subjects.

While these lamps primarily serve an aesthetic and functional purpose, they subtly introduce and engage users with scientific concepts related to materials, technology, and light behavior.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Ursula Bahringer
Pretty decent

Dinosaur LED night lights

Herminio Miller
I love it!

Very beautiful and affordable

Susanna Mann
Really nice

Cool lamp. My son liked it. The description is very accurate.

Janiya Bogan

The image does not match reality

Braxton Rohan
No USB plug with it

Very fragile, does not come with the plug and has no switch to light, need to stay in the socket as long as it is lit.