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CMY Color Cube - 50mm

CMY Color Cube - 50mm

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Introducing the 50mm CMY Color Cube — an object of beauty and a vibrant accent piece that adds a splash of color and a touch of modern flair to any space! Watch as the Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow mix with one another as the light passes through at different angles creating an endless spectrum of colors.

Perfect gift for artists, designers, and enthusiasts of all ages! Dive into the basics of color theory or simply let your instincts guide you. This high-quality CMY Cube is a captivating way to learn about color mixing while providing endless inspiration for your next masterpiece.

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Artistic Elegance:

Elevate your decor with a burst of color that captivates the eye. The CMY Decorative Cube isn't just a display piece; it's a statement of artistic elegance. Place it on your desk, shelf, or table to instantly transform your space into a gallery of style.

Conversation Starter:

Spark engaging conversations with guests as they marvel at the cube's mesmerizing colors. It's not just a decoration; it's a focal point that invites curiosity and admiration.

Gift of Style:

Looking for a unique and thoughtful gift? The CMY Decorative Cube is perfect for those who appreciate modern design and artistic expression. Surprise your friends, family, or colleagues with a gift that adds a touch of magic to their living or working space.


View against a white background in good light (near a window is ideal) for best results.

From age: 8+

Scientific principles illustrated

A CMY color cube provides a tangible demonstration of key principles in color theory while simultaneously illustrating some of the scientific principles of light. The model showcases the principles of additive color mixing, where Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow combine to create a spectrum of colors. By rotating the cube, learners witness the dynamic interactions of colors, deepening their understanding of hue variations and saturation levels. This hands-on exploration also fosters an appreciation for the subtractive color model and the principles underlying color reproduction in various mediums. Through this educational tool, individuals gain practical knowledge in color blending, color space, and the fundamentals of visual perception.

Exploring the CMY cube will help learners understand how a TV screen can create thousands of colors using only red, green, and blue light, and likewise, how a color printer needs only 3 colors of ink to print almost any color. These insights may further pique their curiosity into the science of light, prompting them to ask questions such as 'how are rainbows formed?' or 'how do lasers form such a thin beam of light?'

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Customer Reviews

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Chanel Kub

Very nice decorative object. Great quality.
I'm very excited.

Abigail Swift

Very cool and good quality

Roy Vandervort
Good product

CMY Color Cube - 50mm.

Chloe Graham
Very nice

It's even cooler than on the picture.

Rosa Roob
As described

Got what i ordered! Thx