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Children's Microscope

Children's Microscope

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Embark on a journey of discovery with this Kids Starter Microscope. It offers a gateway to the tiny wonders that exist beyond the naked eye! Specially designed for young scientists, this microscope opens up a world of exploration and learning in a way that's engaging, educational, and most importantly, fun.

Quick and easy to get started, just unbox the microscope, install the batteries, collect a specimen of water from a puddle/pond and be amazed at the world of tiny creatures that is revealed under 100x magnification!

100x, 400x, and 1200x magnification settings available.

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Product features:

Equipped with adjustable magnification settings, budding scientists can zoom in on a variety of specimens, from leaves and insects to everyday objects, unraveling the mysteries hidden in the miniature world. The simple focusing mechanism encourages independent exploration, fostering a sense of curiosity and discovery.

The accompanying prepared slide and sample collection kit provide an immediate starting point for young scientists to dive into their scientific inquiries.


  • Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included)
  • All implements constructed from plastic; safe for kids use
From Age: 6+

Scientific principles illustrated

A child's microscope offers a firsthand encounter with scientific principles such as magnification, careful observation, and the scientific method. Through the exploration of microscopic specimens, the young learner gains insights into biological structures, which promotes an interest in life science.

The act of adjusting lenses and focusing the microscope sharpens their understanding of optics and light principles. Additionally, using microscopic slides and preparing specimens enhances their skills in precision and attention to detail.

This hands-on experience cultivates a curiosity-driven education, nurturing a scientific mindset. The child not only observes the microscopic world but also develops crucial scientific skills, laying the groundwork for future exploration and discovery.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Tyree Bosco

Excellent product. As described.

Jordon Corkery
Box a bit damaged

Box Vines a little damaged but product OK

Benton Marquardt
Good value

Good for kids. Worth for money. Came about 10 days earlier than expected date.

Shanny Dickens
Bought as a gift

Looks very cute!!! And arrived in only 6 days.
The slightly battered box.
I still don't know how it works because it is a gift, I will upload more comments later.

Lilliana Ryan
As advertised

Gift for December 24 but excellent as advertised