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Bluetooth Speaker Electronic Kit

Bluetooth Speaker Electronic Kit

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Are you ready to embark on a sonic adventure and create the ultimate audio companion? This Electronics STEM Kit contains everything you need to construct a powerful Bluetooth speaker from scratch. Dive into the world of DIY audio as you assemble, solder, and create your very own masterpiece. No prior experience in audio is required – just passion for electronics projects. This Electronics kit is intended for intermediate level enthusiasts.

The assembly process is a breeze with all the necessary components included. From the first screw to the final connection, experience the satisfaction of building a functional piece of audio art. Your speaker has advanced Bluetooth and will easily connect wirelessly to your phone or favorite devices. It also includes a USB port enabling you to play music directly from a USB memory stick. The speaker is operated with a remote control (included) and has an array of LED's that light up to the beat of the music.

Don't be fooled by its size – this compact DIY Bluetooth speaker packs a punch! It makes it the perfect companion for outdoor adventures, picnics, or impromptu dance parties.

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Key Features

Remote Control Operation: Switching, volume control, and power at your fingertips.

High-Quality Audio: Includes two full-frequency 3 W stereo speakers (one at each end) for clear and cost-effective sound.

Supports 3.7 V - 5 V DC power supply, automatic music playback, stereo amplifier, Bluetooth connectivity, power failure memory, and U disk music playback.

Stylish Acrylic Shell crafted from 6 pieces of 3 mm acrylic which makes the unit very robust.

Equipped with a USB power cord and a pre-welded Bluetooth circuit board.

Technical Parameters

Channels: 2 channels

Output Power: 3 W + 3 W

Supply Voltage: DC 3.7 V - 5 V

Rated Current: 1.5 A - 2 A

Bluetooth Operation

Open phone Bluetooth, scan for "XC-046."
Connect and enjoy. Automatically switches to USB memory stick after Bluetooth disconnects.

Age: 12+

Young children require adult supervision when soldering
Note: requires a soldering iron (not included). You can purchase one here: Soldering iron product page

Scientific principles illustrated

This DIY STEM Electronics kit provides an immersive learning experience in various scientific principles and skills, fostering a deeper understanding of...

Electronic Circuitry: Learn about the design and assembly of electronic circuits, gaining insights into the connections, components, and flow of electricity within the Bluetooth speaker. Learn how to identify components and their specific functions within a circuit. Learn about the need to ensure correct polarity for components. Learn about current and voltage regulation in a circuit and the importance of this for protecting very sensitive electronic components, such as the LED's.

Soldering Techniques: Assembling the kit involves soldering, helping to develop the essential skill of securely joining electronic components while avoiding shorting between them. This skill is crucial in electronics and various engineering disciplines.

Acoustics: The construction of the speaker allows you to explore acoustics, understanding how speaker components contribute to the production of high-quality sound and the principles behind resonance.

Bluetooth Technology: Integrating Bluetooth capabilities provides insight into wireless communication protocols, showcasing practical applications of modern technologies in consumer electronics. Learn to identify connectivity components in electronic devices.

Responsive Technology: Learn how the LEDs synchronize with musical beats, showcasing the integration of visual effects with audio.

Problem-Solving and Troubleshooting: develop critical thinking skills by identifying and resolving issues that may arise during assembly, fostering problem-solving abilities.

Overall, this STEM electronics kit serves as a hands-on platform for electronics enthusiasts to explore, experiment, and apply a range of scientific and engineering principles, promoting a well-rounded understanding of electronics and technology.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mike Howard
Solid speaker

Not a huge amount of soldering to be done with this, but it is still a nice electronics project. Speaker looks pretty cool, especially with the bright LED's against the black acrylic case. Good connectivity.

Lucasz Graham

Very solid once it's made up. Decent sound from it. Love the bluetooth connectivity and the USB port is a nice addition for playing tunes directly from a thumb drive. The electronic components are straightforward enough to solder in place. Only drawback for me is it doesn't have its own built in battery, would be better if it did. However, its handy enough just to plug it into a cheap powerbank when you're out and about and any phone charger or PC/laptop port will also power it when at home.

Donald Fairbanks
Great kit

High quality components and good sound. Straightforward to connect to bluetooth. Outer casing looks nice. You could buy a ready-made bluetooth speaker for around this price, but nothing beats the satisfaction of buying the electronic components and making it up yourself and then seeing it come to life. Very good project! Planning on modding it later to add a rechargeable powerbank as an internal power source.

Ressie Walker
Good kit, could do with a better manual

The manual could be improved a little. Precisely cut material. Looks much bigger in the photo.

Margarete Bayer
Great value

Amazing value for money. Kit was well packed, complete (with two spare LEDs and a spare screw and nut).
Instructions were minimal. I found them elsewhere. Wire up the 470uF caps in series with the speakers to improve bass response. I wired the switch to turn off power to the LED circuit, so I can listen to music without the LEDs if I want. The sound is good and loud. Not high fidelity, but quite acceptable and able to fill a room. The IR remote just worked, and there are voice prompts to tell you to connect the Bluetooth when it is plugged in. Look for YM-069 in your Bluetooth connections and pair it (no password needed). This is a great kit for beginner solderers. All through-hole components, nothing tricky. And the Bluetooth music circuit is already assembled and works out of the baggie. The kit took only 11 days to arrive.