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Meet Derek Alexander Muller, the superhero science communicator and YouTube sensation behind Veritasium! As of December 2023, his YouTube channel has 14.5 million subscribers and his Facebook page has 1.8 million followers.


Derek Muller aka Veritasium


Background and Education

Derek grew up in Vancouver after moving from Australia to Canada before he was two years old! He went to West Vancouver Secondary school where he excelled, particularly in Science. He went on to study Applied Science at Queen's University in Ontario and graduated in 2004. His major was Engineering Physics.

Following his graduation, Derek moved to Australia where became involved in television. He continues to make an appearance on TV to this day, but his passion for Science led him to dive deep back into physics. In 2008, he completed his Ph.D. in Physics Education Research from the University of Sydney.

Derek is not only a science whiz; he's also a devoted family guy. When he moved to Los Angeles, he met and married Raquel Nuno, a planetary science expert. They now have three children and so are raising three science heroes of their own!

Journey to Super Stardom

Derek joined the ABC's Catalyst series team in 2008, doing all sorts of 'science magic' on TV. But his real break happened in 2011 when he unveiled his YouTube channel, Veritasium. But what is Veritasium? The word originates from the Latin word for truth (Veritas). In his videos, Derek reveals the often hidden truth behind mind-blowing science topics. He does it in the coolest way possible for all audiences, from children to career scientists. When it comes to STEM education, Veritasium is a household name.

Some Highlights

Derek's videos are like fantastic adventures. His followers love how he explains challenging subjects and thrills us with his abundant scientific knowledge. Some of his most popular videos include:

The hazards of near-Earth objects (76 million views)

The reason why there is a reservoir with 96 million black balloons floating on it (97 million views)

He discusses the most misinterpreted concept in Physics; Entropy (10 million views)

And he even won a $10,000 bet with a physics professor who contested the content of one of his videos (15 million views)

    In Summary

    Derek Muller is a science superhero. He's making STEM learning seriously fun for everyone. His content quality is exceptional and includes amazing video footage and animations, making for very entertaining viewing. Derek is an outstanding ambassador for Science and is immediately likable. So if you haven't already done so, join the Veritasium squad and embark on a science-filled adventure!


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