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This week's feature - NileRed

Meet Nigel Braun, the science sensation behind NileRed which is a channel he started on YouTube back in 2014! Nigel is not your average chemist; he has turned chemistry into a form of entertainment. He has became famous for his unique experiment videos, such as turning his own pee into an artificial sweetener!

Nigel from NileRed

Nigel's videos are a mix of interesting titles and top-notch educational content. He explains complex chemical reactions with a touch of humor. His brilliance and expertise in chemistry shines through as he explains every step of his experiments. 

Nigel's impact goes beyond his experiments. For many people, Nigel has transformed chemistry into an art. He demonstrates how useful chemicals can be created or extracted from everyday items. His experiments often include dramatic reactions which are exciting to watch.

We're sure you'll have hours of entertainment and learn a lot about chemistry by following Nigel and watching his content! His 5.5 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.7 million followers on Facebook attest to that!


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